What do you get from attending?

The Eye of the Storm is a place to explore the intimacy that's possible when you deeply embrace your kinky desires. You'll grow closer, expand your potential for pleasure and learn how to handle more passion and intensity - individually and together.

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Who leads the retreat?

The Eye of the Storm is led by London Faerie & Marti, two of Europe's leading facilitators of conscious sexuality and conscious kink. They are the dynamic duo who lead Sacred Pleasures (London) and they present their work all over Europe.

What is fierce Intimacy?

Fierce Intimacy is a fearless way of relating with authenticity, vulnerability, passion and depth. It applies our 'no stone unturned' approach to relationships, enabling more closeness and connection than ever before.

What do you get from attending?

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We believe ...

... that the world becomes a better place when there’s more love, intimacy and openness in it. At this retreat we create a space where this can be lived and experienced, with all the joys and risks that it involves. This is an experiential journey for you as a couple/triad.

Your relationship will gain a lot from attending this retreat. You’ll learn more about each other, including getting in touch with curiosities and passions you may not have explored before. You’ll gain an array of tools and techniques for good communication, both in and out of the bedroom. You’ll discover new ways to be together, where you can be more authentic, vulnerable, fierce and passionate with each other. 

And of course you’ll benefit from the time spent together doing nothing but exploring fierce intimacy. For so many of us, finding this time together without the distractions of work, friends and family is hard. At The Eye of the Storm you get to be the entire focus of each other’s world for nine days. What a luxury!


Your guides

The Eye of the Storm is led by London Faerie & Marti, the dynamic duo who run Sacred Pleasures and facilitate workshops and retreats in London and across Europe.


Marti by Faerie

Even after 4 years of creative partnership and friendship, Marti continues to surprise and delight me. On the one hand she’s this amazingly wise, intuitive and spiritual woman, with an uncanny ability to feel and sense and understand people - the quintessential ‘old soul’. On the other she’s this playful, saucy, fun young woman who loves sex and dominates men for a living. In fact she’s all these things and so much more. Working with Marti is a rare pleasure and privilege. I love watching how she senses what people need and creates a safe space in response to this. And she has the most fabulous toons too, which you’ll hear during some of the practice and play sessions.

London Faerie

Faerie by Marti

When I first met Faerie in 2013 I was not really sure who I was actually meeting. Passion, determination and intensity were shooting from their whole being and it took me a moment to figure out what this unique person was all about. Soon I found out that, under the slightly eccentric surface is a huge potential to be true. Faerie inspires others to change their lives into an authentic ride to surf on. Kink and playfulness are the starting-points from which Faerie dives into intimacy and connection, things I believe we all long for. I consider this their biggest gift: the courage, stamina and determination to live life they want to live and to help others to do the same.



I want to thank you for the way in which your beautiful work has enriched my life and my deeper sense of self. I am beginning something new and ecstatic with someone and the techniques you imbued in me of holding and holding space for the other have been super present. Thank you for teaching me how to magnify the forces of human connection, trust, and deep profound care. I thought i was coming to you to learn safe play techniques, but actually you have helped me to live and love more deeply. You reminded me how to love and be truly present.
— Michael
Together / On Holiday (week-long retreat)

Together / On Holiday
(week-long retreat)


A beautiful lush green, spacious, secluded idyll, comfortable, Eco-friendly and magical environment, deliciously catered for with real skill and heart. The structure was an exquisitely shaped week of immersive, sexy, confronting, loving and healing workshops, sessions and exercises. The facilitation was expertly run by an outstandingly proficient team, more than equal to the challenging nature of the work - strong, loving, clear, bounded, ethical. The impact it had on me was challenging, nurturing, soothing, disturbing, expanding, safe, terrifying, integrating – Chris

This was the most dangerous journey I have ever signed up for, and all of our ship mates and I survived due to our 3 captains. The week was a mixture of hardcore (and merciless) focus on digging / diving deep, 100% trust in that we could actually do it, combined with a poetic softness and care for our process, and an extreme professionalism in what groups are able to create of magic if you let them – Dorte
Superb facilitation and clear, upfront information. Beautiful location, delicious and plentiful food, great team and I felt safe and supported throughout. You guys did an amazing job. – Neil
Intimately (Intimacy workshop)

(Intimacy workshop)

Faerie & Marti effortlessly create a space that feels like coming home. Their awareness of the needs of individuals while holding a loving group space allowed everyone to feel completely at ease with whatever came up, and also created a sense of community beyond that of which is normally possible with such a short period of time. - Michelle

Marti and Faerie, thank you so much for your radical honesty, vulnerability and openess in what you shared with us. Your intimacy with yourselves and each other and the work of course supported all of us to open more. – Becky

This workshop teaches you to feel comfortable setting boundaries, whilst giving you the courage to play and explore the edges of the comfort zone. – Paul
The Purple Door (BDSM workshop)

The Purple Door
(BDSM workshop)

A safe, loving and open space in which everyone was invited to explore their curiosity and push their boundaries. – Libby

Faerie and Marti set the foundations of the weekend well with lots of opportunities to connect and feel comfortable with who was there before moving into exercises that would be considered abnormal for most people in their daily lives. To a point where looking around at a room full of people spanking each other felt completely normal, and wonderful - Anon

The balance was perfect between a very caring atmosphere and a professional yet informal approach to the topics. It made me relax and feel secure.
— Anon

What is Fierce Intimacy?

Fierce Intimacy is a way of relating with more passion, intensity, authenticity and clarity than ever before. It’s a way of being totally yourself while also honouring the preciousness of your relationship.

One of the great gifts of BDSM is the way it enables you to handle more intensity. Fierce Intimacy is what happens when you welcome this into all aspects of your relationship. It’s a way of being together that focusses on courage and openness.  It’s “Bring it on” rather than “I’m not sure how much of that I can handle."

Fierce Intimacy is about leaving no stone unturned in your quest to be real and alive with one another. You may think “I’ll just shelf that, it’s not important.” But each time you do that, it creates a bit of distance between you, making intimacy more difficult. The more times you do this, the more distance build up between you.

Our approach encourages you to look at what's been shelved and give it space. We support you to ask the difficult questions and give honest answers. We help you to clear space so that you can really feel each other again.

A lot of people talk about how passion declines over time. We hear it said about as if it were normal, inevitable even. We don’t agree! We believe that passion decreases because of what's not been said and the distance this creates. By being brave and looking at what remains unresolved, your passion will come back stronger and better than before.

Ultimately being fierce with each other leads to more depth too. You may find yourself sharing things that you’ve never spoken about before, or bringing forth desires that have hitherto been totally private. Imagine how wonderful it’ll be to share these things with your beloved(s)!

It’s hard to put Fierce Intimacy into a few words, but we hope we’ve given you a sense of what we’re talking about and you can see how it will energise and enliven your relationship.

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with us: hello [at] fierceintimacyretreats.com