What do you get from attending?

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We believe ...

... that the world becomes a better place when there’s more love, intimacy and openness in it. At this retreat we create a space where this can be lived and experienced, with all the joys and risks that it involves. This is an experiential journey for you as a couple/triad.

Your relationship will gain a lot from attending this retreat. You’ll learn more about each other, including getting in touch with curiosities and passions you may not have explored before. You’ll gain an array of tools and techniques for good communication, both in and out of the bedroom. You’ll discover new ways to be together, where you can be more authentic, vulnerable, fierce and passionate with each other. 

And of course you’ll benefit from the time spent together doing nothing but exploring fierce intimacy. For so many of us, finding this time together without the distractions of work, friends and family is hard. At The Eye of the Storm you get to be the entire focus of each other’s world for nine days. What a luxury!