Would you like more intimacy and passion in your relationship ?
Do you want to discover how kink can bring you closer ?
Are you ready for a wild ride into The Eye of the Storm ?

What is it

The Eye of the Storm is a nine-day Fierce Intimacy Retreat for couples and triads. Here you'll discover the passion that’s possible when you open deeply to your kinky side. (17 - 27 June, Lanzarote)

What happens

The Eye of the Storm is a rich, sumptuous immersion in kinky intimacy and pleasure. For nine glorious days you'll explore kinky pleasure as a way to deepen your connection

Who's it for

The Eye of the Storm is for couples and triads in committed relationships. You're open to exploring and diving deep together, whether you've been together for a long time or you met recently 

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What is The Eye of the Storm?

Thank you for teaching me how to magnify the forces of human connection, trust and profound care. You've helped me to live and love more deeply. You reminded me how to love and be truly present. – Michael

The Eye of the Storm is a place to discover the intimacy that’s possible when you open up to your kinky side. Here you can delight in what’s been hidden or taboo, revealing more of yourself and discovering more of your beloved. Go beyond shame to an exotic world of sensuous delights. Step right into The Eye of the Storm

One of BDSM’s gifts is enabling you to handle more intensity, both sexually and emotionally. At this retreat you harness this gift to bring you closer to each other.

Over the course of nine days we’ll support you to expand your potential for pleasure and intimacy beyond what you thought possible. We’ll teach how to get in touch with your kinky desires, how to communicate skilfully around them and how to play them out with love and care. Every day you’ll be learning new things and putting them into practice. And everything you learn is in service to increasing the pleasure and intimacy you feel as a couple/triad.

Imagine how great it’ll be to have nine full days to revel in each other! 

Are you ready to venture into The Eye of the Storm and discover what you’re capable of? This is a unique retreat: an exhilarating journey to bring you closer than ever before.

What happens at the retreat?

A beautiful lush green, spacious, secluded idyll, comfortable, Eco-friendly and magical environment, deliciously catered for with real skill and heart. The structure was an exquisitely shaped week of immersive, sexy, confronting, loving and healing workshops, sessions and exercises. – Chris

The Eye of the Storm is structured to make the most of the lovely setting and the beautiful weather on Lanzarote in June. This means that we’ll learn and explore together in the mornings, late afternoons and evenings, with plenty of time to relax and chill in the heat of the day.

(For a glimpse of our beautiful venue, look here.)

(For a glimpse of our beautiful venue, look here.)

Day by day

The content is divided between core modules, invaluable skills to support you to have better sex and deeper intimacy; and kinky modules, where you learn a host of ways to connect, explore and play.

Sunday 18th June opening circle, core modules
Monday 19th June kinky modules & practice
Tuesday 20th June core modules, circle
Wednesday 21st June kinky modules & practice
Thursday 22nd June chill out day
Friday 23rd June kinky modules & practice
Saturday 24th June kinky modules & practice
Sunday 25th June explore and play
Monday 26th June integration & closing circle

A typical day

8.30 - 9.30am Breakfast
9.30 - 12 noon Session 1
12 noon - 4pm Lazy afternoon (lunch 1-2pm)
4 - 6.30pm Session 2
6.30 - 7.30pm Dinner
7.30 - 10pm Session 3

Core modules

Some or all of these:

  • Grounding and letting go so you can connect better
  • Exploring Yes & No: how to get in touch with your desires and your boundaries
  • Communication skills for the bedroom and beyond
  • Cultivating more presence in your touch
  • Learning to negotiate play sessions with skill and awareness
  • How to create sacred space for your kinky explorations
kinky module.jpg

Kinky modules

Some or all of these:

  • Hitting and hurting: the ecstatic delight of impact play
  • Control and surrender: the power of Dominance & Submission
  • Enact fantasies & kinky role plays
  • Discover the magic of fire and wax
  • The ritual of collaring and the pleasure of service 
  • Learn to open up to more intensity and more sensation
  • Create scenes for your healing and personal transformation

By its nature this retreat is dynamic and responsive: the exact content is determined according to the needs and desires of the group. 

As well as lots of juicy, experiential learning modules, there’ll also be time to practice and play throughout the retreat. With our many years of experience we're masterful at creating a safe space for you to explore and experiment, and then to bring your questions back to us so we can help you increase your knowledge and understanding.

Towards the end of the retreat the focus will move towards deep play sessions and rituals where you can bring together all the things you’ve explored and learnt during the week. Then we’ll come back together as a group to allow space for integration, your last questions and a closing circle. As the retreat is dynamic we can’t guarantee that it'll be exactly as described above - however, this gives you a good sense of what to expect. We welcome questions if you would like to talk about it more: hello [at] fierceintimacyretreats.com

Who is this retreat for?

The Eye of the Storm is a retreat for couples and triads in committed relationships. At this retreat you’ll explore, cultivate and deepen your intimacy with each other.

You may call yourselves partners, lovers, spouses or something else. How you name your connection is less important than your shared desire for fierce intimacy

We have space for just six couples or triads. This ensures that you get a lot of personal tuition throughout the retreat. 

Love transcends gender. We welcome couples and triads of all genders and orientations to attend this retreat. This includes same-sex couples and those who are gender-queer, gender-fluid, queer and beyond labels.

We also encourage those in non-monogamous partnerships to attend this retreat. If you're in an existing committed triad and would like to attend as a three, that’s welcomed. If you're a couple with other partners, you can also attend - and we'll be happy to give some time, space and consideration to how the intimacy between you might impact on your other relationships.

In other words, if you're committed to deepening your connection, whatever that looks like, you're welcomed to join us in The Eye of the Storm.

Do you need prior experience to attend this retreat?

To attend The Eye of the Storm you should have some prior experience in kink or have explored your sexuality in some other way. Due to the depth of this retreat it's not suitable for beginners exploring your sexuality for the first time.

If you have some experience - for example, if you’ve played a bit with BDSM and want to delve deeper - this retreat is perfect for you. We’ll support you to find your edges and expand them. You’ll have plenty of chances to increase your knowledge and practice things that excite you both.

If you’re very experienced in kink and conscious sexuality, we welcome you and you'll get a lot from this retreat. With the unique combination of personal coaching and group learning, you’ll learn and discover new things throughout the nine days.

If you’re brand-new to kink, this retreat may not be right for you. However if you've done a lot of Tantra or explored your sexuality in other ways, we can probably accommodate you. In this case please get in touch and we'll be happy to chat about it with you.

Whatever your level of experience, a pre-requisite for attending this retreat is that you’re open-minded and willing to explore new things. You’ll be sharing space with other couples/triads, which means that at times you might see things that are new or unfamiliar. As long as you maintain an open mind and ask for support if you feel uncomfortable, we’ll help you through any mindfuck moments!

One last thought: The Eye of the Storm is not for the faint-hearted! If you’re ready to experience passion, intensity, beauty and fierce intimacy, please join us. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us: hello [at] fierceintimacyretreats.com